Young People in Residential Aged Care: Changes Required to NDIS Processes and Government

In light of International Day of People with Disability two weekends ago, Shelter NSW is proud to share the recently finalised research report, Young People in Residential Aged Care: Changes Required to NDIS Processes and Government.

Improving outcomes for young people with disability in residential aged care (or at-risk of entering residential aged care) was a social imperative handed down by the Aged Care Royal Commission’s Interim Report in 2019.

Although progress has been made against the National YPIRAC Strategy 2020-2025, we are aware that blockages still exist in accommodation and support systems for young people with disability in achieving dignified and ‘home-like’ living options. 

Limited alternative accommodation options in regional NSW, stressed healthcare systems potentially overlooking best-fit accommodation options in favour of faster hospital discharges, and slow SDA-funding approval timeframes are just some of the barriers identified.

Whilst we welcome NHFIC’s recent announcement of a joint initiative to invest $20m into Specialist Disability Accommodation projects across NSW, more needs to be done to improve accessibility standards in all new homes. NSW is the only jurisdiction apart from WA that has not signed up to mandatory silver-standard accessibility provisions in the National Construction Code.

We shared this report with our members earlier in the week, before distributing more broadly as part of our advocacy efforts. We will soon be sending the report directly to relevant Ministers and other stakeholders.