Welcome to Shelter NSW

Shelter NSW has been operating since 1975 as the State's peak housing policy and advocacy body. Our vision is A SECURE HOME FOR ALL.

We pursue our vision through critical engagement with policy and practice, and thought leadership. We provide systemic advocacy and advice on NSW housing policy and legislation to resolve housing inequality. And we seek to ensure that the voices of housing consumers are included in our policy responses.

Our approach involves engaging, collaborating and connecting with people and organisations across the housing system including government, the private and not-for-profit sectors and consumers.

Research plays a key role in our advocacy. We investigate the causes of inequality and injustice in housing and develop evidence-based solutions that aim to deliver a fairer housing system for all.

Latest news

21 March 2019

We are pleased that the major parties and cross bench Members of Parliament, made new commitments or expressed their support for affordable housing and clean and affordable energy at last Thursday's Sydney Town Hall Assembly. The Assembly was jointly organised by the Sydney Alliance and Vinnies NSW and supported by Shelter NSW and the Everybody's Home campaign.

New social housing commitments include;

14 March 2019

Shelter NSW, the Sydney Alliance and Vinnies NSW welcome today’s $200 million social housing pledge from NSW Labor.

This is especially encouraging news today, ahead of tonight’s Assembly for Affordable Housing and Energy.
Read our joint press release with the Sydney Alliance and Vinnies NSW here.
13 March 2019

Our special election issue of Around the House, looks at the key housing issues for our State, what housing peaks are asking a future NSW Government to prioritise and how the housing policies of the main parties stack up against the task of fixing our housing system.

In this edition our feature articles include;

11 March 2019
Shelter NSW is pleased to once again present our flagship lecture series, Housing Economics for Non-Economists.

This series of four lectures is a critical tool for anyone seeking to understand the key economic issues shaping housing. With a federal election likely in May, our housing economics lecture series will cover subjects that will be especially topical as the nation considers what housing policies will best serve the Australian community.

6 March 2019

The City of Sydney has developed an alternative Master Plan for the redevelopment of the Waterloo Estate.

6 March 2019

We are pleased that the NSW Government has listened to housing sector peaks, councils and community and industry organisations and amended the State Environmental Planning Policy No. 70 – Affordable Housing (Revised Schemes) (SEPP 70) to apply to all local government areas across the State.

The extension of SEPP 70 gives all Councils in NSW the ability to develop an affordable housing contribution scheme as part of their response to their community's affordable rental housing needs, without having to first seek approval from the Minister for Planning.