Welcome to Shelter NSW

Shelter NSW has been operating since 1975 as the State's peak housing and advocacy body. Our vision is A SECURE HOME FOR ALL.

We pursue our vision through critical engagement with policy and practice, and thought leadership. We provide systemic advocacy and advice on NSW housing policy and legislation to resolve housing inequality. And we seek to ensure that the voices of housing consumers are included in our policy responses.

Our approach involves engaging, collaborating and connecting with people and organisations across the housing system including government, the private and not-for-profit sectors and consumers.

Research plays a key role in our advocacy. We investigate the causes of inequality and injustice in housing and develop evidence-based solutions that aim to deliver a fairer housing system for all.

Latest news

12 December 2018

Energy is an essential service. As a community we urgently need policies and programs in place to ensure that all Australian people can afford the energy they need to have healthy and sustainable homes.

11 December 2018

When the Greater Sydney Commission’s A metropolis in three cities recommended the introduction of Affordable Rental Housing Targets (ARHT) at 5-10% of the uplift created by rezoning, subject to viability and other considerations, it prompted a simple question: how many affordable homes is that likely to deliver across Sydney?

10 December 2018

The NSW Government has proposed amendments to SEPP 70 so that it will have state-wide application. If approved, the proposal would allow every local council across New South Wales to develop schemes for mandatory affordable housing dedications and/or contributions. This is a form of inclusionary zoning that is consistent with the approach recommended in the Greater Sydney Commission’s Region and District Plans.

Read the Shelter NSW Update here.

5 December 2018

Today CHOICE, National Shelter, and the National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO), released “Disrupted; the consumer experience of renting in Australia”, a report that delves into the renting experiences of our country’s renters.

The report report identifies three common issues facing renters across the nation:

  • living in a poor quality home and afraid to request repairs;

  • insecure tenancies; and

  • struggling with rental affordability and cost of living pressures.

4 December 2018

The Accessible Housing Options Paper has been developed by the ABCB to provide preliminary options and costings on the possible inclusion of a minimum accessibility standard for housing in the National Construction Code.

29 November 2018

“The Rental Affordability Index released today is shocking for renters in the Far North Coast of NSW but not surprising – it shows that renting in the Far North Coast is unaffordable to most households”, Karen Walsh CEO of Shelter NSW said.

The latest RAI shows that only a dual income family with children and a household income of $175,000 a year can comfortably rent in the Far North Coast.