What’s happening in Western Sydney

There’s been a lot happening in Western Sydney lately. Labelled Sydney’s ‘third city’, the area will be attracting billions of dollars in funding and investment over the next 40 years creating a once-in-a-lifetime city-building opportunity.

The NSW Government released their final precinct plan for the Aerotropolis site on 25 March, paving the way for development to begin. Shelter’s March 2021 submission questioned how the plans will ensure housing for key workers and lower income housing will be delivered. Having clear commitments and expectations for social and affordable housing are essential to give certainty to developers and communities alike.

Shelter also made a submission on the Draft Western Parkland City Blueprint, which sets out the long term planning approach and coordination in the Western Parkland City. We brought attention to the lack of housing considered in the blueprint, highlighting the important link between successful economic hubs and affordable housing.

Image via the NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Western Sydney is undoubtedly the most ambitious planning project in Australia in decades. We need to ask ourselves, what kind of growth do we want this to be? We believe the incredible uplift in value of the land should be used, at least in part, to fund a much-needed increase in more affordable housing options. Shelter will continue to advocate for a greater commitment to social housing throughout Western Sydney, and lobby government and councils to develop Affordable Housing Schemes that will deliver affordable housing.

To find out more about what’s happening in Western Sydney and what it means for housing, check out Shelter NSW’s factsheet.