Waterloo (South) – all eyes on the City of Sydney

After many years, the proposed significant changes to the Waterloo Estate have reached a new milestone. The NSW Government has now submitted a proposal to the City of Sydney to change planning controls so a new community of public, affordable and private housing can be built on the current social housing site. The NSW Government refers to this ‘renewal’ model as Communities Plus. 

Image: Communities Plus

Shelter NSW, as part of the Groundswell group (including Counterpoint, Inner Sydney Voice, REDWatch, Tenants Union amongst other groups), will continue to advocate to all decision-makers the need for a much greater proportion of social and affordable housing, meaningful support of tenants and local community groups throughout the 

redevelopment process and a commitment to the full range of ‘human services’ that this proposed much larger and denser community will require.

Shelter NSW expects that we will need to call on our members and allies as part of a public campaign to ensure that this iconic, vibrant and once-affordable precinct is not destroyed.

For more information about the NSW Government proposal see: NSW Government Communities Plus – Waterloo

For more information about the progress being made by the City of Sydney see: City of Sydney Waterloo (South) Planning Proposal