Submission to Department of Planning & Environment on its Proposed Housing SEPP changes

In late November, the Department of Planning & Environment released its Explanation of Intended Effect for proposed changes to the Housing SEPP. These changes include (among other things) altering/removing/adding land use definitions, more planning provisions for temporary supportive accommodation, diversifying planning pathways for social and Affordable Housing, and increasing self-assessment planning powers for NSW Land and Housing Corporation and Aboriginal Housing Office.

Exhibition of the proposed amendments ran until 13 January, and we at Shelter put in a submission broadly in support of the legislative changes that would facilitate an increase in supply of social and Affordable Rental Housing.

As always, we made some recommendations for improvements to the exhibited material. Some key recommendations being for Government to:

  • Set an acceptable Affordable Rental Housing contributions range in the Housing SEPP for all Councils earmarked as being part of the 6 Cities Metropolis (acceptable contributions range being 10-15%)
  • Maintain and publish data on Affordable Rental Housing granted approval and created under the provisions of the Housing SEPP
  • Ensure Affordable Rental Housing made possible by the Housing SEPP is set to affordable rents in-perpetuity (registered on title)

Improve design and amenity standards (including universal accessible design) of supportive accommodation and seniors housing land uses.