Social and Affordable Housing is a key to economic and community recovery

Over the last two years, Shelter has joined many in the sector, calling for an investment in social and affordable housing as a key part of any broader economic and community recovery strategy. Last weekend we learned that the NSW Government has responded – committing an additional $183 million to such a project. 

According to the Government, the package “boosts construction, accelerates over 1,400 new social and affordable homes and supports an extra 990 households through rent assistance. We commend the Government for this commitment and will continue to inquire where and when these projects will be rolled out.

For more information please refer to the DPIE site

For more information about our long-term advocacy calling for a dramatic increase in funding right across NSW see:

  1. Our Prebudget submission where we called for increased funding for social housing across NSW and an increase in NSW Government rent support.
  2. ‘West Invest’: where we signed an open letter from organisations representing South & Western Sydneycalling on the Government to make an explicit commitment to including social and affordable housing in its list of economic and community recovery projects.  Many thanks to fellow peak, Homelessness NSW for leading this effort.