Shelter NSW at the AHURI National Housing Conference 2022

During the first week of March, Shelter NSW staff attended the National Housing Conference 2022 – the first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over two and a half days, staff presented at and facilitated several sessions, while attending almost all of the many seminars and plenary sessions. 

It was fantastic to see our Senior Policy Officer Cathy Callaghan presenting the findings of our Regional Housing Need report, alongside National Shelter and Queensland Shelter representatives, and Kishan Ratnam from SGS economics. 

The report makes clear the dire need for better housing provision in key regional areas, and we’re hopeful that the audience members who took home a copy of the report can help spread the word through their organisations and networks.

The full version is available on our website if you would like to read or share it. 

For us, some of the highlights of the Conference included a session on the insurance crisis caused by the impacts of climate change, as well as sessions on the impacts of housing policy on Indigenous and LGBTQI+ communities, and plenary discussions with national and international leaders in the housing sector. 

We hope that all the thorough discussions and connections made throughout the conference have inspired advocates and stakeholders to redouble their efforts to achieve housing security and affordability now that we have all returned to our home states.

We are keen to turn our own insights into action, and look forward to continuing our advocacy around the regional housing crisis, public housing redevelopments, and the many other issues facing residents in NSW.