Rob Stokes Unleashed – reconstructing the Australian Dream 

“Government has no problem standing in front of a big road, or a big tunnel, or a big dam and saying, ‘this kind of big infrastructure is essential for government. This is the work we do.’ We have not always seen housing, particularly social and affordable housing, as essential infrastructure, but it is”. This was Rose Jackson MLC, Minister for Housing and Homelessness during her opening address to the Faith Housing Alliance event.  She went further calling for a bipartisan approach in tackling the housing crisis.

This spirit of candour and higher purpose was picked up by Rob Stokes (former NSW Planning Minister) and now Chair of Faith Housing Alliance in his keynote address, outlining a bold vision to reconstruct the Great Australian Dream to achieve housing for all.

Shelter NSW CEO John Engeler was proud to facilitate a panel discussion then picked up on themes of increasing housing supply, policy and planning reforms.