Rental Affordability Index (RAI) Launch 

The annual Rental Affordability Index (RAI) produced by National Shelter and SGS Economics and Planning  shows rents in Greater Sydney are significantly higher than any other region in Australia and that housing in Regional NSW is less affordable now than at any point in the last decade, challenging the perception that Regional NSW is a safe haven for low- and middle-income households.
For the benefit of our readers we have attached the full media releases about the RAI that have been released to journalists over the last week: Sydney and Regional NSW.
We encourage you to go to the SGS site via the RAI link above, review the summary report and also scroll down to the interactive report. The interactive report allows you to examine the results with a number of filters including postcode, regions or household type. Set out below are some of the research highlights (or lowlights).
Naturally, we are calling for a greater commitment to social housing; requiring the planning system to deliver Affordable Rental Housing; the winding back of Short Term Rentals and the comprehensive reform of the NSW private rental system, consistent with our key priorities