Relief as Coffs Harbour Argyll Public Housing Estate proposal dumped

During 2022, Shelter NSW implored the then NSW State Government to dump its plans for the Argyll Public Housing Estate.  So we were pleased to see that the NSW Government has recently announced that is scrapping the redevelopment proposal, developed by the previous Government under its Communities Plus model. Like the government we saw this proposal as being entirely deficient. We understand that the Government will go back to the drawing board.
Shelter NSW is particularly pleased to see the Government commit to a much more genuine and practical form of consultation when thinking about any future development of the estate.  We note that the estate is home to many First Nations people, especially older women and many with disability access issues. These tenants are well-placed to provide practical and culturally sensitive advice about the needs of the local community both in terms of dwellings and services. Beyond traditional consultation there is a great opportunity for co-design. We are very pleased to see the Government commit to broad community consultation with local residents, local Community Housing Providers (CHPs), the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) and the Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) to develop a Local Area Plan to deliver housing for those in need.

For more information:

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  • Shelter’s submissions to the NSW Government Argyll Estate proposal: March 2022 and September 2022
  • ABC Four Corners program (October 2022): No Place to Call Home looking at growing homelessness in Coffs Harbour and the redevelopment of the Argyll Estate. Shelter NSW was happy to provide research support and advice to the program producer