Public Housing: NSW Government starting to show its hand

NSW voters will be familiar with the anti-privatisation commitment that NSW Labor took to the recent election campaign. What was unclear was what this would be mean for public housing estates and tenants.

Shelter NSW noted this recent social media statement (shown right) with great interest, especially when thinking about the very large public housing estate renewal projects like that underway at Waterloo South and already forecast for Coffs Harbour and Riverwood.

Our questions range from our concern for stressed tenants right through to big policy considerations. For example, will there be a role for ‘in-between’ approaches, like Victoria’s Ground Lease approach?

We’re looking forward to learning more about the NSW Government’s plan to reverse the decade-long steady decline of social housing in NSW. There is a lot that can be achieved with its commitment to commissioning social and affordable housing on its own surplus land.

With such an urgent need for more social housing however, we’re seeing acquisitions like this recent building purchased by Bridge Housing with City of Sydney fundsas a smart option, particularly during a housing downturn.