Proposals out for public comment 

Explorer Street South Eveleigh Redevelopment Proposal (closing 1 December 2023) 

The NSW Government’s Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is proposing to redevelop the public housing estate in South Eveleigh, an approximate 2.3 ha precinct of 46 townhouses requiring amendments to the Sydney Local Environment Plan 2012. These include: 

  • allowing an increase in maximum building height limits between 3 m and RL60.7 m (13 storeys) 
  • applying a floor space ratio of 2.94:1 allowing development of up to 400 apartments 
  • requiring 20% of floor space be used for the purposes of affordable housing (approx. 80 dwellings) and 30% of floor space for social housing (approx. 120 dwellings) 

In recognition of the significance of the area to Aboriginal people the proposal also commits 20% of affordable housing to be delivered as Aboriginal affordable housing.

Shelter NSW has had an interest in this site for some time. In our December 2020 Submission we called on the (then) NSW Government to abandon its Communities Plus public housing estate renewal approach (the ’70:30 approach’), to ensure a substantial number of additional social affordable dwellings were to be delivered on the site. We also called on the Government to ensure significant portions of the new estate were secured for Aboriginal people.

In many respects the current proposal is a vast improvement on its earlier iteration. But we will be calling on LAHC to treat the 30% social housing requirement as a ‘floor not a ceiling’.

With such a large waiting list for social housing in NSW every public housing site needs to be optimised for the public good. We’ll also ask LAHC to turn its mind to innovative and clever ways to secure a better outcome on the 50% private dwellings. What types of diverse housing might be required there? What types of government programs like Rent-to-Buy or Shared Equity Home Purchase schemes might be applied? How can families be encouraged to remain in the local area? 

For a comprehensive review of the history of this proposal and overview of the many concerns being raised by the local community please refer to the REDWATCH website 

Burwood North Masterplan (closing 15 December 2023)

Burwood North is increasingly mentioned as an area adjacent to a future Metro station that may be targeted by the NSW Government for a substantial state-led rezoning. In the meantime, Burwood Council is continuing to seek community feedback on its proposed strategic direction for the precinct, at the northern edge of its boundary.
The Burwood North Precinct Masterplan is designed to shape the future renewal of this area and builds on the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (to renew Parramatta Road and adjacent communities) and the planned delivery of a metro station at Burwood North in 2030.  The draft masterplan is on  Public Exhibition until 15 December 2023.

Burwood North Precinct (current population) V Greater Sydney (GS)
58% rent (35% in GS)
66% live in high rise (27% GS)
28% young workforce aged 25-34 (16% in GS)
49% travel to work on public transport (23% in GS)

The Burwood LGA is home to over 40,000 people with 2,652 of those currently living in the master plan area. The masterplan would see an additional 5,366 new dwellings (in medium/high density). At this stage Council is proposing a 5% affordable housing requirement.
Having already made a submission on this draft masterplan and an affordable housing policy to accompany it, we will again make a submission. We will urge Burwood Council to seek an affordable housing delivery commensurate with the need in this already large (and disproportionately young) renting community.