Penrith City Council is getting an Affordable Housing Contributions Scheme!

In late 2022, we put in a submission to Penrith City Council on its draft Affordable Housing Contributions Scheme for Glenmore Park Stage 3 and Orchard Hills North. We have since received an update on the proposed Scheme’s progress.

Although our recommendations to increase the contribution rates to be in line with Greater Cities Commission’s target rates were not adopted, some significant wins are noted in the Scheme’s progression:

  • Guarantee of affordable rental housing to be “affordable” in perpetuity

Commitment to progress Stage 2 of the Scheme to expand to a “City-wide” Scheme with references made to Waverly Council who are trying to do the same with a City-wide broad-base low rate of 1% for all residential apartment developments.

These are bold and much-needed affordable housing outcomes and we encourage our supporters to track Council’s Affordable Rental Housing Contribution Implementation Policy when it is open for public exhibition.