Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness amongst older people aged 55

Shelter NSW is a member of the NSW Ageing on the Edge Forum. Collectively we are working towards ending homelessness of older people in NSW. Shelter NSW recently co-signed a joint submission and made our own to the current Parliamentary Inquiry.

The coalition is calling on the NSW Government to:

• fund a specialist older person’s housing information and support service that comprises both an early intervention and crisis response
• lower the priority age for social housing eligibility from 80 years as a matter of urgency.
• build 5,000 social and affordable homes per year for 10 years, at least 20% of which should be dedicated to older people.

Shelter NSW also called for the following:

  • Increase recurrent funding to Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) by 20%.
  • Strengthen protections to ensure renters are not unreasonably or unfairly forced into the challenging private rental market.
  • Ensure key NSW institutional processes in corrective services and mental health for example, for ‘exiting’ or ‘discharging’ people, do not in fact tip people into housing precariousness and homelessness.

Establish a genuine and permanent rental relief hardship framework to address extraordinary circumstances that do and will continue to impact renters.

For more information see:

  • Shelter NSW’s submission and the joint Ageing on the Edge submission here.
  • the Parliamentary Inquiry here.