NSW planning initiatives on exhibition

The (newly named) NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure and Minister Paul Scully released a flurry of planning proposal announcements late last year aimed at boosting housing density and supply in well-located suburbs and towns. You can read our previous summary on these proposed changes here.

As it currently stands, one of these proposals (low and mid-rise housing reforms) is open for public feedback until 23 February 2023. This proposal contains a suite of changes to the Standard Instrument LEP, including the introduction of land use ‘dual occupancy’ as permissible with consent across all R2 low density zones in the State.

Strategically, we are interested in analysing and coming to a policy position on the full scope of planning reforms on the table and how they will work together, particularly the Transit-Oriented Development Program. The TOD Program targets key transport hubs and suburbs for upzoning to allow for greater housing density and diversity in and around Greater Sydney.

Although the TOD Program is not open to general public feedback and the Department is likely to be formally gathering feedback from concerned local Councils only, Shelter NSW will use the 23 February deadline as an opportunity to make our case for housing density done well and inclusive urban renewal. 

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