More proposals for inner city public land – 600–660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern

With so many proposals and counter-proposals being considered across Sydney and NSW, it’s remarkable that one as large as this has largely flown under the radar.
The land in question is owned by the NSW Government over a full street block bounded by Elizabeth, Kettle, Walker and Phillip Streets and is currently partly occupied by the South Sydney Police Citizens Youth Club.  There is currently no residential housing on the site.

According to the City of Sydney planning website the proposed changes will increase the floor-space ratio and building height to permit redevelopment of the site for new market, affordable rental and social housing in 4 buildings, 4 to 16 stories in height. The current proposal allows for around 300 dwellings and a new 3,500 square metre community facility on Elizabeth Street .

Shelter NSW was pleased to attend the first of two community drop in sessions hosted by the City of Sydney (the next being June 23).  These types of sessions are critically important as they provide an opportunity for local residents to speak face-to-face with council officers.  Pictured below for example, is local resident and member of the Waterloo Resident Group, Larry Billington, discussing Social and Affordable Housing with Ben Pechey, Executive Manager, Strategic Planning and Urban Design, City of Sydney.

The City of Sydney is currently seeking feedback on proposed changes to the planning controls for 600–660 Elizabeth Street, Redfern (closing 20 July 2021).  Shelter NSW will be making a submission.  At this stage we will be advocating for a maximum possible number of Social and Affordable rental dwellings and dedicated Aboriginal Affordable Housing. 

We will be challenging a recent ‘gateway’ decision by the NSW Government that reduced the City’s proposal of minimum 40% social and affordable housing (30% social plus 10% affordable housing) to a combined 30%.

We will also be advocating that any community facilities be designed to meet community needs following genuine consultation and opportunities for co-design.

We will keep you updated as this proposal makes its way through the planning system.