Ministers meet with the Sydney Alliance

Over the last month, the Sydney Alliance has met with several key members of the NSW Government and the Labor opposition in the lead up to next year’s March election. As part of the Alliance’s ‘negotiating team’, Shelter NSW been working to ensure that housing asks are front and centre of these discussions. The Alliance has now met with both Shadow Treasurer Daniel Mookhey and Jihad Dib, the Shadow Energy Minister, to discuss where we might find common ground on energy affordability, housing security, and cost of living assistance. To cap off a whirlwind week of negotiations, the Alliance also held court with NSW Treasurer Matt Kean MP at an Assembly of over 200 community leaders.

Our key ‘Asks’ were put to the Treasurer and we were pleased to hear some real commitments during the Assembly.

With the public accountability of a packed Parramatta church hall, the Alliance was able to progress several key policy area conversations with Treasurer Kean. Notably, he:

  • Committed to “putting on the agenda and advocating at the highest level of government”:
    • Minimum standards for rental properties (including recommitting to the federal process)
    • Removing no-grounds evictions.
    • Delivering a policy to decarbonize household gas.
  • Reconfirmed (an important goal of the action):
    • National trajectory process and consultation on minimum standards
    • The state’s commitment to delivering our share of 20,000 new homes in partnership with Federal Albanese Government.
  • Committed to expanding the “bills buster” program of support for solar and efficient appliances to more households.
  • Committed to ‘review’ the Community Energy Hub proposal

Most importantly, Minister Kean made a commitment to meet again in March 2023 ahead of the next election, where he will be expected to make real policy commitments in front of over 800 Alliance representatives and community members.

If you want to help organise for this action as a member of Shelter NSW, please get in touch with our Engagement Coordinator James via email, There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in the new year.