Karen Bass, Mayor of Los Angeles – on housing and homelessness (podcast)

This article provides a link to a fantastic interview by Trevor Noah with Karen Bass, the Mayor of Los Angeles on her first-year anniversary in office. The interview deals with Bass’ long-term campaigns to address homelessness and the housing crisis in LA.

Bass states that LA has an affordable housing crisis. She says the thing that blows her mind is that in LA people can have full-time jobs but still can’t afford an apartment, so they sleep in their cars. 

Parts of the interview discuss how the legal system is being used to punish those that are homeless. She points out the largest growth in homelessness is senior citizens who have worked all their lives and have no safety net.

LA’s homelessness service ‘Inside Safe’ proved secure housing for 21,000 people in 2023, with a two-tiered response. 

Trevor Noah What Now: Interview with Karen Bass