Inclusive Renewal – ensuring increased density actually leads to better lives for people

In our August Ebulletin we talked about the need for a new deal for urban renewal, an approach we and our friends at the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) are promoting as Inclusive Renewal.

We think there is an immediate and important need for this around transport nodes where we understand there will be a significant push to increase density. Further, we’re calling on the NSW Government to explicitly incorporate it any new Stations SEPP. This would provide strategic context for how individual measures, for example, affordable housing developer bonuses are better integrated into precincts.

Earlier this month Shelter NSW was proud to issue a  joint statement with PIA calling on the NSW Government to support reforms to increase housing density and leave a legacy of more affordable homes and more liveable communities.

The statement offers support for a Station Precinct SEPP, and calls for specific reforms to promote housing growth and build inclusive communities around stations: (Jack maybe put this is a separate coloured box)

  1. Improve planning to enable denser and more diverse housing in well-located areas:
    • Transit Oriented Development SEPP – for streamlined assessment where risks are managed, to support more housing in areas with high transport accessibility.
    • Higher targets for housing – for more diverse, social and affordable housing in accessible areas with infrastructure and jobs
    • Reset strategic plans – to identify well-located precincts for medium and high density homes
    • Smooth pathways for social and affordable housing delivery
  2. Better infrastructure planning and delivery partnerships:
    • Set infrastructure priorities to support density – agency priorities and coordination
    • Create Precinct Infrastructure delivery partnerships – mobilizing State, Commonwealth and Local Government resources to ensure infrastructure for growth in strategic precincts
    • Housing Productivity Contributions towards a schedule of infrastructure which enables growth and improving amenity in strategic precincts
  3. New authorities tasked with delivering density well:
    • An agency to facilitate Government land development and leverage social and affordable housing opportunities
    • An agency to facilitate precinct master-planning and reduce barriers to site amalgamation

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