I rent and I vote – Shelter NSW, 2023 State Election Platform

The ‘housing crisis’ dominates the national, state and local conversation and a new Federal Government and Minister are bringing much needed oxygen, leadership and funding to the debate.
This coming state election provides an excellent opportunity to prioritise housing affordability and security and the policy and funding framework required to deliver it.

NSW continues to grow, with NSW Treasury forecasting that the state needs an average of 42,000 additional homes every year over the next 40 years. At Shelter NSW we believe that growth should be sustainable, fair and inclusive – improving the life of all people; built on the foundation of a secure home for all.
It’s a hard but little-known fact that a great many of us are just one change of circumstances away from housing insecurity – losing a job, severe illness, eviction and of course front of mind now – a devastating flood or fire.
The stock of social housing has now dipped below 5% in NSW. The safety net is in a state of disrepair.

There are five key areas we are asking be addressed – covering various parts of the housing system, supporting key elements of the various campaigns and alliances we are part of. You can read about them in more detail on page two of this explanatory document.

We are pleased to see major parties and candidates already making commitments and hope to see a virtuous race to the top between now and March 25.