Housing + Support = Home. The plan for Homes NSW 

A key commitment of the NSW Labor Government was to create a new agency called Homes NSW. Homes NSW will bring together the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) and the Department of Communities Justice (DCJ) housing and homelessness functions. Minister Jackson clearly intends that this be more than changes on an organisation chart frequently stating that people will be at the centre of this agency.

At an event this week she noted however, that delivering many more houses (and homes) will be a key priority.

“You can’t solve homelessness without housing”, Minister Jackson rightly noted, “I want it to create more housing and support tenants

Shelter NSW CEO John Engeler was delighted to participate in a recent Consultation Forum to provide advice to Minister Rose Jackson as to the priorities for the new agency.

Minister Jackson’s Key Questions about Homes NSW

Minister: what should we start doing?
Shelter: put (social housing) residents who have the experience at the centre of everything you do. And in the case of new social housing, listen to the people on the waiting list.

What should we stop doing?
Shelter: ignoring the waiting list. They’re not just numbers.

What should we continue to do?
Shelter: treat housing as a clever long-term investment not a cost the government.