Giving voice to 35,000 people living without secure housing – the power of data

We in the sector know full well that the voices of individual people with lived experience of homelessness has enormous power. But how do we give voice to the close to 35,000 people who experience various forms of homelessness in NSW? Or the 57,000 households on the social housing waiting list? How do we gather their collective voice and drive change when and where its needed?

Our colleagues at Homelessness NSW have recently released a newly created and extremely valuable  ‘dashboard’ that can do that. The Housing and Homelessness Dashboard pulls together more than 50 metrics from 15 credible sources. Data can be viewed though a variety of geographic lenses – from Local Government Area or region; and via different views like, housing stress, social housing access, inequalities and risks of homelessness. This will be a dynamic dashboard with datasets being updated as they are released.

We commend Homelessness NSW for commissioning this project and look forward to using the data in our own advocacy.

You can access the Housing and Homelessness Dashboard here
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