Fast track to ordinary or excellent in Appin?

13,000 new homes with just 187 affordable dwellings?  How can that be a good deal for the people of Sydney’s growing south west? And where is the necessary safety net of at least 5% social housing for this community?

Shelter NSW was concerned to read of the NSW State Government’s plans to allow close to 13,000 new homes in Appin, literally greenfield land. 

Quite apart from the broader issues of building a vast number of homes without the well-known required infrastructure (like schools, public transport, libraries and community centres) there is the pressing issue of how such a large plan could feasibly deliver so little affordable housing with no mention of social housing?

In a radio interview with ABC Illawarra (online version here) John Engeler, CEO of Shelter NSW called on the NSW Government to do better; calling for the affordable housing target to be closer to 10%. He went further, calling for any affordable rental housing required to be in perpetuity to guarantee genuine access for those who normally miss out.

Further Background:

  • The 93% Walker Group owned Appin (Part) Precinct approved Planning Proposal, as part of the Greater Macarthur Growth Area, is located within Wollondilly Shire Council, 16km from Campbelltown, 35km from Wollongong and 13km north of from Wilton, on the outskirts of Greater Sydney. 
  • The rezoning application, for 1,378 hectares of cleared grazing land, is to be developed for 12,900 new homes, including 5% time limited affordable housing (187 dwellings) applied to 3,758 medium density dwellings (excluding 9,233 single storey homes (low density), and will come into effect in 15 December 2023.