Ethical housing – Shelter NSW & AHURI research

Earlier this week, we launched the results of a research project focussed on housing initiatives in the Australian context that appear to go beyond “business as usual” in non-market housing delivery. A huge thank you must be extended to Sarah Oberklaid and Dr Tom Alves of AHURI for their dedicated work on this project.

Case studies are featured in the final report for their ethically-conscious slant, and as guideposts for what may just be possible in different jurisdictions when we start to acknowledge and remedy the various equality gaps in our housing system.

Excerpt of research report, Case Study 4: The Beaconsfield development by Womens Property Initiatives focusses on assisting single low-income women over the age of 55 who are ineligible for social housing as they have some savings, however, do not have sufficient finances to access a mortgage or own their own home.

In also creating a criteria table and repository of initiatives for us to refer to, AHURI has clarified for us what to interrogate when an initiative might self-proclaim to be ‘ethical’. The project has been inspiring and insightful, and we can’t wait to share it with key decision-makers and our networks as a practical collection of good-news stories.

We hope to run a Zoom Q&A on this research report in late February, so stay tuned!