Discrimination in private rental housing – it really is ‘a thing’?

Many who have run the gauntlet of the private rental market speak, with some frustration, about the persistence of what feels and looks like discriminatory practices. 

Recent research by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) confirms that discriminatory practices are wide and varied. CEO John Engeler was very happy to join Dr Sophia Maalsen from the University of Sydney (and Shelter NSW Board member) in the project launch. This research confirms what many have known for decades, but also explores the impact of a relatively recent phenomena – the rise of digital platforms for advertising and accessing rental housing especially in the informal sector. During the session Dr Maalsen noted that people without legally binding leases for example, are even more exposed to the threat of unregulated rental discrimination

It was great to hear that over 450 people registered for the session. Those interested can still watch it here.