Caravan parks and camping grounds are not just holiday locations – they’re home to many 

Caravan parks and moveable dwellings tend to offer low-cost, more affordable accommodation options for older people and people who struggle to compete in the private rental market.  
That’s why we thought it was important to respond to the Proposed “Phase 1” changes to the Housing SEPP and Local Government regulations (Manufactured Homes) (exhibition period closing today)

We are broadly supportive of what the Department of Planning & Environment is trying to achieve with these changes. Better land use controls that take into account flood risks for caravan parks and manufactured homes estates is well overdue, as are some other safety improvements. We reached this conclusion after discussions with the Tenants Union, Homelessness NSW and officers from regional Councils (such as Eurobodalla, Shoalhaven, and Central Coast) 

You can read our submission here on these Phase 1 reforms.