Bradfield Town Centre – why would you build a new city and not require social and affordable housing? 

Shelter NSW has recently formally objected to the NSW Government’s publicly exhibited Bradfield City Centre Masterplan. Bradfield will be the core precinct of the future Western Sydney Aerotropolis, with up to 15,2000 residents housed in 10,000 apartments and up to 24,000 jobs expected from growth between 2026 and 2046.
Our objection rests on the lack of formal consideration of social and affordable housing provision in the future precinct.

The Master Plan sets out a vision and framework for the future and proposes many critical elements for a new city such as: streets and roads; city blocks; parks and open space; commercial and retail precincts and supporting infrastructure. And yet, there is scant mention of social and affordable housing, secured for the low-income people (including low-income workers) who will surely work and want and need to live there.

The Master Plan applying to the Bradfield City Centre fails to provide:

  • a clear planning pathway to create conditions to embed an adequate delivery of social and affordable housing
  • a clear rationale to evaluate what proportion of the 10,000 dwellings should apply as affordable for low-to-moderate income households

Shelter NSW’s submission asserted that in its current form, the exhibited Master Plan does not promote the public interest and ought to be refused. 

The public exhibition closed on the 4 March 2024. Shelter NSW is currently awaiting the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure’s (DPHI) consideration of the important issues we have raised. 

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