Bellingen’s Housing Matters Action Group – Guest speaker session

In late November, Policy Officer Kayla Clanchy presented to the highly-motivated Housing Matters Action Group (HMAG) from Bellingen on “climate-ready housing”. HMAG asked Kayla to present a localised take on the issue of alternating disasters, land use planning, and what’s on the horizon for home insurance risk.

Ever the optimist, Kayla concluded the presentation with a laundry list of actions that HMAG could take in the lead up to the State election (and beyond) to shore-up the Bellingen LGA against housing insecurity made worse by climate change. These actions could be adapted and adopted by other local citizen groups concerned about the impacts of climate change and housing in their area. 

Check out the “calls to action” and the overall presentation slides here. A copy of the recorded session will be uploaded soon to the HMAG Youtube channel.