Help organise for affordable housing in your area!

Organised community support in local councils is critical for seeing a fair, just and sustainable Sydney. 

It has been 5 years since the last local council elections. As these elections approach, local groups are organising 8 local actions across Sydney as part of the Sydney Alliance. Unlike 5 years ago, every local council now has the power to deliver affordable housing, and these Local Organising Teams have an ambitious agenda on affordable housing, as well as other key issues like energy and supporting people seeking asylum. You can join an action in your local area here

Where & when?

The ‘action season’ starts in early November and will run through to the elections on the 4th of December. During that time there will be 8 community-led actions, including several Local Assemblies, held across Sydney. Find out more information and sign up to attend an event in your area by clicking one of the links below! If you’re area isn’t listed, or you would like to get involved in organising in your area, then please reach out to to find out how! 

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Sign the petition for domestic violence housing support

As the newly commissioned report by Equity Economics, No Where to Go shows, many women and children fleeing domestic and family violence cannot secure a safe home they can afford because of the high cost of rents in Sydney and greater NSW. This is because rents across Australia have skyrocketed, putting a home out of reach for women on low or modest incomes. These women and their children are forced into the dangers and insecurity of homelessness, pushing many to return to a violent home.

Women cannot rebuild their lives and protect their children without access to safe and secure housing. There is no reason why Australia can not provide safe homes to women and children fleeing violence. In the lead up to the Women’s Economic Safety Summit and throughout Homelessness Week we are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to invest urgently in social housing to provide a safety net for women fleeing domestic violence. 

We strongly encourage you to sign this petition from the Everybody’s Home Campaign to join us in calling for safe, secure, and affordable housing for women and families fleeing domestic violence.

Defend and Extend Public Housing!

The fight for more and better public housing is ongoing across Sydney and NSW, with sites in Glebe, Waterloo, Redfern, Erskineville and beyond being slated for redevelopment over the next few years. Shelter NSW is proud to support these historic public housing communities through our advocacy. We encourage our members, locals, and anyone interested in helping with this work to get involved with this campaign to ensure that the (re)development of public housing is fair, inclusive, and meets the needs of each community.

Hands Off Glebe is an organisation that we have been working with closely over the last few months in their efforts to organise local residents and create awareness about the sale and redevelopment of sites like Cowper Street and Franklyn Street. There is plenty of work to be done, and we would love your support if you are able to lend a hand!

If you would like to support the Glebe community, please get in touch with us via email at, or with Hands Off Glebe directly via their Facebook page.

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The support of activists, communities, and organisations across NSW is crucial to our work at Shelter NSW. Sign up to be a member now and help us in our fight for a fairer housing system.