Sydney Alliance convention – ‘Together in Dignity’

Last Tuesday, Shelter NSW joined the Sydney Alliance convention, “Together in Dignity”, with over 200 other Alliance members.

It was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with community leaders and organisations from across the city and reach consensus on the path forward for the Alliance over the next few years. 

Shelter NSW members and staff participated in several discussions throughout the evening, while our Membership & Engagement Officer, James, helped to facilitate the convention as co-chair. 

We got through a fair bit in one evening, having:

– shifted from reacting to the many crises of the last two years, to taking proactive steps towards a clear agenda for the Alliance,
– shared and heard stories of our connected struggles across four key topics: Walking with First Nations, A City of Dignity, Climate Justice, and Democracy and Belonging,
– reconnected with Alliance leaders through the power of stories, with hundreds being recorded to start an interactive story map,
– endorsed the Alliance strategy as an organisation, alongside a thick stack of other commitments made by fellow organisations and individuals,
– celebrated a milestone for Voices for Power, saying farewell to fantastic organiser Thuy and welcoming new organisers.

The updated strategy and platform of the Sydney Alliance will continue to be refined over the coming months, now that this collective vision has been endorsed at the convention. Housing policy reform is a key part of this platform, and we will be sure to keep our members up to date as this work develops. If you are interested in getting involved with the Sydney Alliance as a Shelter NSW Member, please let our Membership Officer James know by sending an email to

We are proud to be part of this fantastic coalition and congratulate everyone who helped make last Tuesday’s event a success! 

Spotlight on Hornsby!

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Sydney Alliance, Shelter NSW supported the Hornsby community team in the lead up to the local council elections, as it pressed candidates to do more to address housing stress and homelessness. Their advocacy appears to have paid off!
The Hornsby Shire Council has recently released a proposal to redevelop the Hornsby town centre. The proposal features a plan to create 4,500 new homes including 470 affordable homes by 2036. Shelter NSW is currently preparing a submission on this proposal (due 30 September 2022).