Social Housing Win in Glebe!

In exciting news, it has been confirmed that two public housing sites in Glebe that have been slated for redevelopment will now be 100% social housing.
The redevelopment of the sites, 17-31 Cowper Street and 2A-2D Wentworth Park Road, was originally proposed to deliver 30% social and 70% private housing, a ratio that has become the new normal under the ‘Communities Plus’ model. However, Minister Pavey’s announcement on the 22nd of March confirmed that the revised redevelopment will now be delivering 75 social housing dwellings in total, instead of the 35 originally proposed. This is a huge improvement on the 19 dwellings that currently exist, and a better reflection of the needs of the community.

Image via City of Sydney – Concept art – looking east from Wentworth Street 

This is a welcome improvement, and an example of how united community pressure can achieve change. Shelter NSW would like to commend the efforts of community groups such as Hands Off Glebe and Friends of Erskineville especially, who have done great work organising tenants and local residents to push for a better deal. This will not only help people on the housing waiting list, it will also allow more tenants to remain in their community during the reconstruction process, and return to their homes once it is complete (something which was not originally possible).

We urge everyone in the community to continue fighting for more secure and affordable housing, in Glebe and across Sydney. If all Communities Plus developments were as ambitious as Cowper and Wentworth, it would go a long way towards ensuring that everyone in Sydney has access to a safe and secure home. Shelter NSW congratulates the Glebe community on this win, and looks forward to continuing our work together, advocating for better housing across the city.