Shelter NSW Prebudget Submission (2024-25)

A Government’s budget priorities are one of the greatest indicators of what it really cares about. This upcoming budget cycle provides an opportunity for the NSW Government to demonstrate its commitment to addressing the housing crisis and improving the lives of low income people in NSW.
As NSW grows and densifies, critical infrastructure like the stock of social and affordable housing needs to grow with it.

Shelter NSW recently made its Pre-Budget Submission calling on the Government to commit to a range of interventions across the housing system.
The biggest ask is for a substantial increase in the number of social housing (public and community) dwellings in NSW over the next decade. This big build (or buy) program will build a solid asset base for the state; restore the social housing safety net of 5% of all housing stock and work towards 10% of all stock by 2040. Stock of this size would create a meaningful alternative to the private rental sector, in terms of affordability, accessibility, amenity and tenancy security.

Shelter NSW Budget 2024-25 key asks

Restore the social housing safety net to 5% of total housing stock by 2027, 10% by 2040.
Invest $2.5 billion to add at least 5,000 social dwellings a year, requiring: 
a large public housing build, buy, restore and retrofit program; capital grants, discounted land and other subsidies to expand social housing and expanded repairs, maintenance and disability access retrofit ($500 million)

Invest $200 million to create 10 x new 40 room Youth Foyers in NSW + $20m annually for operational costs    

20% increased funding to Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) – annual increase of $64m    

Invest $62m into the successful Together Home program    

Invest in the support of renters:

– $2.09m to set up & fund a specialist older person’s housing information  
– $4.62 m annual increase to tenancy advisory & advocacy services
– $10 m annual increase to create new Rent Choice product for older people 

Commit $200 million over 3 years for energy efficiency upgrades & electrification of low-performing social housing properties (aligned with the Commonwealth)