REDwatch puts Homes NSW in the hotseat

One of the first big changes to be made by Homes NSW is the overhauling of how maintenance is managed across 95,000 of NSW’s social housing properties. The current approach is described as confusing, disjointed and unworkable, with tenants experiencing a level of poor customer service that would usually not be tolerated in other parts of government.
As Minister Jackson often states: the NSW Government should be one of the best landlords, not the worst.

Our Senior Policy Officer Cathy Callaghan was very pleased to attend a recent forum hosted by our friends at the REDwatch community group.

It was very encouraging to see Minister Jackson and Rebeca Pinkstone, CEO Homes NSW attend in person in Waterloo; speaking candidly and emphatically about the direction being set for Homes NSW and in particular its first big reform regarding maintenance.

A new one stop ‘Maintenance Hub’ within Homes NSW will be set up to streamline requests for maintenance under one roof. The REDwatch audience which included current public housing tenants grilled the panel about the practical realities of the promise of a: new and ‘simpler’ back to basics model that will focus on quality, accountability, better outcomes for tenants and better value for taxpayers.

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