Pyrmont Peninsula sub-precinct master plans finalised

Having traditionally been home to a blue-collar employment base, the Pyrmont Peninsula has increasingly seen the development of high-rise residential, recreational facilities, commercial, technology and retail services, along with student accommodation and several tertiary education campuses. As outlined in our Submission on the Draft Pyrmont Peninsula sub-precinct master plans, this area has been at the forefront of Sydney harbour’s urban gentrification and transformation.

Although the area has a long-term established affordable housing contribution scheme, there is still limited access to affordable housing options. In response, Shelter NSW’s submission made a strong argument for the affordable housing contribution levy to remain, with an increase to the contribution rate.

We are pleased to see that the NSW State Government undertook a review and confirmed the viability of the affordable housing contributions.

If you are interested in reading the final sub-precinct master plans and rezoning report (July 2022) it’s available here.