Parramatta LEP 2011 (Amendment No.56) – no Affordable Housing?

The Parramatta CBD, within Sydney’s Central City, is set to grow by 27% (200,000 dwellings) by 2036 with a number of large projects like the Parramatta Light Rail and Sydney Metro West underway. The Parramatta CBD forms part of the broader Greater Parramatta population of 256,729 (ABS 2021) and the Olympic Peninsula (GPOP) Economic Corridor, which links to Westmead and to the Western Sydney University. There is a compelling reason for local and state authorities to ensure that the Greater Parramatta area has enough diverse housing for all types of households as the city grows.

On 14 October 2022, the Parramatta LEP 2011 (Amendment No.56) came into effect which amended the planning framework for the Parramatta CBD. The amended planning framework will guide the growth and development of the Parramatta CBD as one component of the overall vision for GPOP. Changes are proposed to the Parramatta City Centre planning controls to expand the CBD boundary (northern and southern ends), amend permitted land uses to allow for higher density living (up to 11,800 dwellings) and introduce base and bonus FSR and height incentives for larger sites.

Shelter NSW has noted that there are no affordable rental housing clauses as part of the amendment. Only an explicit amendment to Amendment No.56 of LEP 2011 for the introduction of affordable rental housing clauses can leverage a) the generous economic opportunities offered by the bonus provisions and b) create new housing with a range of types, tenures and price points to better reflect and manage Parramatta CBD’s housing growth more equally and equitably. 

We have a very deep concern that this leaves Parramatta’s very diverse population at risk as it grows over the coming years.