Bradfield Town Centre – why would you build a new city and (apparently) not require social and affordable housing?

According to the NSW Government, the Bradfield City Centre, at the heart of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, will be one of the biggest economic development projects undertaken in Australia… a  centre for innovation, education, and skills development in the heart of Western Sydney.

Shelter NSW looked with great interest at the recently-released Bradfield City Centre Masterplan and in particular, the expectation of 10,000 new homes. The Master Plan sets out a vision and framework for the future and proposes many critical elements for a new city such as: streets and roads; city blocks; parks and open space; commercial and retail precincts and supporting infrastructure.

And yet, there is no mention of social and affordable housing, secured for the low-income people (including low-income workers) who will surely work and want to live there.
We’ve had a long-term interest in the Aerotropolis and have made numerous submissions about it. Our concerns were and remain: why would you build a new city and (apparently) not require social and affordable housing

Ahead of a formal submission Shelter NSW has raised this issue with the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure and is currently waiting for a response. As we’ve noted to them, this is definitely a case of being happy to being corrected.
For more information and to have your say, please make a submission by March 2, 2024 via the NSW Planning Portal.