Urban policy & planning

14 November 2017

In its response Shelter urged the Committee to consider the best mechanisms to ensure that the release of land translates efficiently, not only into aggregate housing supply, but into a significant proportion of low-cost (affordable) housing, and that this is affordable to both owners and renters.

14 November 2017

The NSW housing market is not simply “generally becoming less affordable”, but has a profound undersupply of affordable rental housing, that far outstrips any current government responses, and has a devastating impact both structurally and individually.  This suggests that any reasonable indication of an impact from STHL will require more than monitoring data reports from industry.

7 March 2017

This submission responds to the draft strategic plans released by the Greater Sydney Commission in November 2016, for comment by 31 March 2017. The plans will affect land use and development plans in greater Sydney over the next 4 decades.

6 March 2017

The key points that you can use to make a submission to the Greater Sydney Commission's draft strategic plans for Sydney.  Comments are due by 31 March 2017 through: www.greater.sydney/have-your-say

You can also see Shelter's full submission.

2 February 2017

Shelter's submission is a response to Planning legislation updates: summary of proposals (January 2017) and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2017 (draft Government bill).

1 February 2017

The submission is made to the Inner West Council on the draft affordable housing policy that is on exhibition, and on which submissions have been invited. Shelter  has been a strong supporter of local-government initiatives to promote and
provide affordable housing, to supplement the activities of state government which has primary responsibility for this matter. We think the Council has zoomed in on the 3 statutory mechanisms available to it in planning law, and we strongly support it doing so.

These mecahanisms are:

23 August 2016

02 February 2016

Shelter lodged a submission to the Department of Planning and Environment on  proposals to give some types of low-rise (2 story), medium-density dwellings the status of ‘complying development’.  This would enable dwellings that met specified planning and development standards to be approved on a ‘code assessable’ basis rather than through ‘merit assessment’.

17 December 2015

This submission points to the failure to provide a clear focus on affordable housing in this major urban consolidation strategy.  It recommends the use of mechanisms to share value uplift to deliver affordable housing

9 December 2015

In this submission Shelter supports placing primary responsibility for regulation of land-use and development assessment for these accommodation sectors within the framework of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

13 July 2013

May 2013

Does the draft metropolitan strategy for Sydney to 2031 feature provisions that will have an impact on affordable housing? In our submission we commented that it needed two key mechanisms to make a real difference in encouraging the provision of affordable-rental housing: having targets for affordable housing as a subset of the dwelling targets, and having a mechanism for value capture.