2 February 2017

Shelter's submission is a response to Planning legislation updates: summary of proposals (January 2017) and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2017 (draft Government bill).

1 February 2017

The submission is made to the Inner West Council on the draft affordable housing policy that is on exhibition, and on which submissions have been invited. Shelter  has been a strong supporter of local-government initiatives to promote and
provide affordable housing, to supplement the activities of state government which has primary responsibility for this matter. We think the Council has zoomed in on the 3 statutory mechanisms available to it in planning law, and we strongly support it doing so.

These mecahanisms are:

19 December 2016

This submission addresses the history and circumstances within which the review is being undertaken.  In doing so, it presents a somewhat different understanding of the factors that have led to the current constraints, and hence, possible solutions.  In general, we argue that rent models and eligibility are often not the most suitable mechanisms to achieve the desired outcomes.

6 December 2016

Housing affordability is an important component of overall housing wellbeing, and it is because the state government has fiscal (taxation and spending) powers that can influence what households and businesses do, that the State Budget is so important. This set of proposals highlights important measures we would like to see in the State Budget for 2017-18.

It also includes some nonfiscal proposals. This is because other state government agencies apart from NSW Treasury influence people’s housing circumstances.

8 November 2016

We approach our response to the discussion paper from the perspective of housing justice, and from the knowledge that homelessness is the ultimate result of a housing system that does not meet the needs of all citizens – particularly low-income and disadvantaged households. 

We recognise that there are many risk factors and pathways into homelessness, and many potential barriers to overcoming it.  For this reason, we also endorse the detailed recommendations contained in the Homelessness NSW response to the discussion paper.

This submission addresses:

6 October 2016

This submission is in response to a request for comments on the draft policy and operational framework for introducing bands for public tenants.  It addresses the operational frame work, but also the stated policy objectives. 

23 August 2016

This submission is a response to an invitation of June 27 to provide comments on the Labor Party’s ‘Affordable housing discussion paper’ (June 2016).  Its starting point in making suggestions for a clear and feasible policy direction is to distinguish between ‘housing affordability’ and ‘affordable housing’ and not to conflate the two.

23 August 2016

This submission reported the transport issues and solutions identified by participants in Shelter’s 2016 regional consultations – particularly the consultation workshops in the Illawarra, Central Coast and Hunter.

23 August 2016

02 February 2016

Shelter lodged a submission to the Department of Planning and Environment on  proposals to give some types of low-rise (2 story), medium-density dwellings the status of ‘complying development’.  This would enable dwellings that met specified planning and development standards to be approved on a ‘code assessable’ basis rather than through ‘merit assessment’.

23 August 2016

02 February 2016

The statutory review of the 2010 Residential Tenancies Act is an opportunity to ask what needs to change to make the private rental market fairer and secure for private renters.

This document is Shelter's response to the discussion paper released last year by NSW Fair Trading.