Social housing

14 November 2017

Shelter's submission on the Bill that seek to introduce an Automatic Reduction Deduction Scheme (ARDS) argues that such a scheme will cause significant hardship to many vulnerable households within our community. We also believe that there is no evidence to support a punitive approach and that there are alternative approaches available to manage and reduce rental arrears which can deliver better outcomes for tenants.

22 May 2017

This submission responds to the ddraft IPART report.  It particularly welcomes the headline findings and recommendatiobns in that draft.  However, it notes that there are a number of the 27 recommendations that Shelter supports with qualifications and there are 8 recommendations that Shelter does not support.

19 December 2016

This submission addresses the history and circumstances within which the review is being undertaken.  In doing so, it presents a somewhat different understanding of the factors that have led to the current constraints, and hence, possible solutions.  In general, we argue that rent models and eligibility are often not the most suitable mechanisms to achieve the desired outcomes.

6 October 2016

This submission is in response to a request for comments on the draft policy and operational framework for introducing bands for public tenants.  It addresses the operational frame work, but also the stated policy objectives. 

24 February 2015

In this submission, Shelter NSW responds to the FACS discussion paper, Social Housing in NSW: a didcussion paper for input and comment.

Our focus in this response is to identify the limitations of some key assumptions the discussion paper appears to make; and to look at aspects of the housing market that affect social housing and require government action.

22 August 2014

These comments are a response to the request for submissions by Public Accounts Committee of the Legislative Assembly on its inquiry into current tenancy management arrangements in NSW social housing, with particular reference to:

27 April 2012

27 April 2012

This submission was lodged to the Committee on Community Services, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament.