Private Rental Markets

1 April 2014

Announcing the March 2014 release of the publication, The impact of Rent Assistance on housing affordability for low-income renters: New South Wales, jointly produced by Shelter NSW & the Welfare Rights Centre

27 March 2014

This report draws on data on social-security recipients who get a Rent Assistance payment to profile lower-income households living in rental housing and to highlight the inadequacies to existing mechanisms to relieve housing stress.

2 February 2009

February 2009

With over two-thirds of low-income households not even on the waiting list for social housing, the supply of affordable private rental housing is crucial to meeting housing needs. In Shelter Brief 37, Shelter NSW staff member Craig Johnston has provided a summary of Commonwealth, State and local government measures to boost this supply.

1 June 2006

June 2006

Shelter Brief 28 was written by Robert Mowbray.

1 January 2002

January 2002

‘Rent assistance to private and community sector tenants’ was written by Craig Johnston.

1 November 2000

November 2000

‘Not cheap, reasonable - the development of not-for-profit boarding houses’ was written by Colin Robinson.