Policy papers

19 April 2017

This report from stage one of a project conducted by Shelter NSW, Tenants' Union of NSW and the City Futures Research Centre UNSW to develop a Compact for Renewal between agencies undertaking urban renewal and social housing tenants affected by renewal. The Compact would represent an agreement about how urban renewal was to be conducted in social housing areas and how social housing tenants were to be treated and engaged.

4 April 2017

Through 2016, Shelter NSW convened a series of 17 workshops across the State aimed at gathering grass-roots intelligence on the current state of housing and homelessness systems in New South Wales.  The workshops posed two key questions – what housing and homelessness issues are you facing in your communities, and what should be done to address these issues?

19 January 2017

This update provides information on the revenue and spending of NSW Government agencies that provide housing, housing assistance, homelessness services, fund not-for-profits to do this work, or fund advocacy and advice services related to housing and homelessness.  It is drawn from their 2015-16 annual reports.

19 October 2016

This report is an updated edition of the literature review by Jon Eastgate and publiched by Shelter in 2014.  It examines the Australian literature on issues faced by tenants in public housing estate renewal programs. The bulk of the review was carried out in late 2013 and early 2014. This edition brings it up to late 2016.

It uses publicly available information from approximately the past 10 years, drawing on academic, community and government sources to identify the key issues for tenants and how renewal projects respond to these issues.

7 September 2016

In this Shelter Brief, Prof Morris, presents, in their own words, the experiences of a sample of Millers Point residents involved in the recent forced removal of public tenants.

The research arose out of discussions with the Millers Point Community Working Party.  Shelter agreed to publish it so that it will be in the public domain.  The research (which received ethics approval from UTS) draws on semi-structured in-depth interviews with 13 residents who have moved from Millers Point and 6 residents who have thus far resisted the move.

5 September 2016

This initial document outlines the proposal to introduce rental bonds for new public tenants

5 September 2016

FACS Housing is beginning  to consider how rental bonds for new public housing tenancies scheme might work.  The Tenants’ Union, Homelessness NSW and Shelter have released this brief for the community sector on concerns raised by the proposal, to help prepare submissions to the expected consultation paper.

23 August 2016

23 June 2016

This Shelter NSW Update outlines current policy and program activities in land-use planning and development where there is a direct implication for provision of affordable housing.

It also identifies 7 actions that would need to be taken by the minister for planning, and 6 actions by those local councils that wanted to promote and provide affordable housing in their area, for inclusionary housing to be more widely used than it is now.

23 August 2016

22 June 2016

This paper is wider than programs that deliver social housing.  It explains the policies and programs that respond to the range of housing needs that are usually identified.

It has initially been prepared as a background paper for Shelter's consultations in 2015-16 and 2016-17 with communities across NSW.  However, the paper also serves the wider purpose of providing information to anyone interested in what responses to housing need exist in NSW.