18 June 2015

June 2015

  • Tax reform is central to addressing housing affordability
  • From the new Minister
  • New value-capture based affordable housing scheme in Sydney
  • A new mood in social housing reform in NSW
  • Supporting refugee and humanitarian entrants to find sustainable housing
  • The housing cost of mining
  • A great place to live - population growth in a non-metropolitan region
  • Forced to move
  • Commonwealth budget 2015


17 March 2015
March 2015
  • Investing in our housing future
  • Where is real housing policy in this election?
  • What’s so great about social housing? Talking to tenants
  • When ‘housing diversity’ isn’t good enough: incorporating affordable housing into urban renewal
  • Responding to ‘Social housing in NSW’
  • Vale Tom Uren
  • Reform of the federation - housing, homelessness and the road to reform
  • Around the House – 100th edition - then and now
  • ‘Renewal’ of strata title schemes
  • Abolition of conveyance duty (stamp duty)
17 March 2015

This supplement covers the major social and affordable housing commitments made by two parties since Around the House went to press.

18 December 2014
December 2014
  • The new geography of suburban disadvantage in Australia
  • It’s time to put housing on the agenda for the NSW State elections
  • Renters at Home?
  • Affordable housing and the planning system
  • Social housing policy out for discussion
  • Solution to last edition’s ‘Portfolio Strategy puzzle’
  • Planning for people charter
  • A window into the finances of state housing agencies: financial results for 2014
  • Public Accounts Committee notes delay in portfolio strategy
2 April 2014

 March 2014

  • Housing and the NDIS: the elephant in the room
  • Housing appeals - what has 18 years achieved?
  • Why talk about the private rental market?
  • Urban Activation Precincts take shape
  • Making a rental property home
  • Redeveloping public housing
  • Social investment and the future of affordable and secure housing
  • The view returning to National Shelter
1 April 2014
March 2014
  • Is the sell-off of Millers Point the future of public housing?
12 December 2013
December 2013
  • Strata reform – will more low-income people lose their homes?
  • Where to after the Housing Supply Council?
  • Housing crisis hits the suburbs in Melbourne
  • Changes and inquiries
  • Unlocking institutional finance for affordable housing: what Australian experts have said
  • Public housing and Centrelink
  • ACOSS confronts housing tax challenge 
  • Barb the builder project
  • Sharing planning uplift for affordable housing
  • What’s in the Planning Bill about affordable housing
1 October 2013
September 2013
  • Making futures for social housing
  • Thoughts from the new DG
  • After the election – what can housing expect?
  • A week when we can all do something about poverty
  • Changes for residential parks about to become law
  • Housing, employment and participation
  • Thank you Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Services
  • Housing the highest need for community service clients
  • Housing stress: a cost of caring?
  • Improving service delivery to Aboriginal people