Financing Housing Supply

19 January 2017

This update provides information on the revenue and spending of NSW Government agencies that provide housing, housing assistance, homelessness services, fund not-for-profits to do this work, or fund advocacy and advice services related to housing and homelessness.  It is drawn from their 2015-16 annual reports.

23 August 2016

18 July 2016

The Shelter Update provides as comprehensive as possible a description of the housing related measures in the 2016 NSW State Budget, and their fiscal context.

It also provides a critical analysis of the assumptions related to housing affordability contained in the budget - in particular, the assumption that measures to facilitate increased supply per se will increase affordability

23 August 2016

12 May 2016

This Shelter Update outlines all the housing measures in the recent Commonwealth Budget - partiuclarly as they affect NSW

23 August 2016

01 March 2016

This Update discusses the potential for land tax to contribute more to the revenue of the state government, in a context of public suggestions for increases in regressive taxes like the GST from some NSW politicians.

21 December 2015

This Shelter Update collates information from the 2014-15 annual reports of the Family and Community Services cluster of agencies (the Department of Family and Community Services, the Land and Housing Corporation, and Aboriginal Housing Office), City West Housing and the Teacher Housing Authority.  It outlines the revenue and spending of these key agencies.

2 October 2015

Following on from Shelter's 10 key election issues, produced at the end of 2014, this short Shelter Update looks at 2 ways to facilitate affordable rental housing:

  • Value sharing of uplift from planning decisions, as a means of financing inclusionary housing;
  • Leveraging existing resources (including government contributions) to delivergrowth of affordable housing (including social housing).

The Update provides background and explanation to help readers engage in what is at last becoming a significant policy discussion.

28 July 2015

This Update brings together the housing related aspects of the State Budget in some detail.  It is a resource for practitioners, advocates and researchers in the housing sector.

14 May 2015

An analysis of the housing components of the 2015-16 Commonwealth Budget. The Government’s medium-term fiscal strategy is to ‘repair’ the budget. The main housing and homelessness programs stay the same (apart from indexation).  The National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing (NPARIH) will be wound down.  But the most ‘newsworthy’ item in the housing area was the announcement of a new remote indigenous housing strategy, with the new strategy to be funded at $1.1 billion over 3 years, starting in 2015-16

14 January 2015

This report, prepared for Shelter by Sphere company, explores the crucial question of how we can increase the supply of social housing to help fill the alarming supply gap and take pressure off social housing waiting lists.  It models the subsidy cost of different levels of supply, under a number of different scenarios.  What it makes clear is that, with the right settings, soical housing supply can be increased cost effectively; and on some scenarios, modest growth can be achieved without subsidy.

3 December 2014

This Shelter Update consolidates the financial information relating to the housing activities of various agencies within the Department of Family & Community Services (FACS).  It is drawn from the 2013-14 FACS Annual Report.