Housing Populations

Different housing needs and problems for different populations

The housing needs of different population groups are often very specific.  Access to housing may also be very different, either because of discrimination, specific housing needs in terms of design or location, or simply because poverty and exclusion have meant that appropriate housing has simply not been delivered.

Such communities or particular groups include:

  • Aboriginal people
  • People with disability
  • Refugees and recent arrivals
  • Young people and students

Shelter and different housing populations

Shelter’s mission is to advocate and campaign for a fairer and more effective housing system, across all tenures and parts of the market.  This is particularly true when it comes to looking to a housing system that delivers for all populations or communities.

Often groups that face discrimination or inadequate opportunity in the housing market have their own clear voice, and organisations that focus on their needs – including housing.  Shelter works to provide such groups with information and to work with them to take up their issues.

We have delivered specific housing information sessions to migrant and refugee communities.  We promote the debates on issues in our journal and conferences.

From time to time we have produced specific research reports.  Recently these have included:

  • Aboriginal community housing in NSW - where to from here?
  • The impact of housing on regional students in NSW
  • International student accommodation