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Community Housing Transfers - What's it all about?

A joint Tenants Union NSW and Shelter NSW Forum

With the NSW government announcing the transfer of another 18,000 public housing properties to the community housing sector in coming years, many tenants are asking what it will mean for them and their tenure in social housing.

This forum aims to bring together agencies responsible for implementing the transfers with tenants and other stakeholders to clarify who will be impacted by these changes, when they take effect, how they will...

2017 conference - Taking Stock

Taking Stock conference postponed.

There’s a lot going on. The Community Housing Transfer forums have shown there’s a real need for information and discussion on this topic and we need to concentrate our efforts here at the moment. So, we’re postponing the Taking Stock conference  - we’ll let everyone know when a new date is decided.

Housing economics for non-economists lecture series 2017

In March, Shelter NSW once again held our flagship lecture series, Housing Economics for Non-Economists.

Copies of the presentations can be found below:

  • Dr Ben Spies-Butcher, Department of Sociology, Macquarie University on the political economy of housing -  download presentation
  • Professor Nicole Gurran, Faculty Architecture, Design and Planning, University...

Large-scale relocations of tenants in public housing - learning from tenants' experience



















The decision to sell all public housing in Millers Point, the Rocks and Dawes Point and relocate the tenants to other areas has attracted fierce debate. Few are unaffected by the plight of those who’ve lost their homes and for whom the loss of ties to place and community...

Housing economics for non-economists 2016

Trends in the economy are vital to the housing wellbeing of all Australians.  House prices, rents, land supply, taxation and government programs. It’s a heady mix. Conventionally, economics rules the day.  But how does what economic analysts say, gel with issues like inequality? How do we unpack and demystify the ideas and jargon of the boffins?

Once again Shelter NSW is gearing up to deliver its hallmark lecture series:  Housing Economics for non-economists in March 2016.  This lecture series is a critical tool for policy makers, advocates – both government and non-government...