A check in against our Strategic Plan 2018-2021

2020 CEO Rationale

Shelter NSW is well over half-way through its 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. Given recent complete change of staff, joining of several new Board members and the various business and operational challenges that COVID has presented, we agreed that as an organisation it was an important time to ‘check-in’ against our strategy. In establishing a clear, updated and measurable operational plan, as guided by our Board, we ensure we are continuing to be effective in contributing to a more sustainable housing system, resulting in ‘secure homes for all’.

This check in included the need to consult broadly with general and board members, current and new staff, previous staff, long term allies and other stakeholders to get a full 360-degree view of the organisation.  Accordingly, we conducted a one-off formal survey of members as well as an internal staff survey and consultation session, and organised a specific strategic planning workshop, facilitated by Roger West of Westwood Spice, in July to ensure we had covered all bases in terms of assessing our effectiveness.

Importantly, the Strategic Planning session also provided us with the ability to link proven past performance and the strong history of Shelter NSW with current challenges, and to use that process to more clearly identify emerging threats and future opportunities.

A few key issues emerged – namely, recognising the need to engage more with members, have more diverse representation of both issues and people, and reflect greater presence in regional areas, especially given the virtual challenges with which COVID has presented us. With the addition of these explicit references, the original Strategic Plan 2018-2021 continues to provide a sufficiently comprehensive and certain framework for Shelter NSW.