Shelter NSW in the media - latest census data shows rising housing costs pushing service workers away from our cities

An analysis of data from the 2016 Census by the Sydney Morning Herald showed that the location of where workers and professionals lived reflected patterns of housing affordability. Services workers such as police, nurses and school teachers settle in outer Sydney suburbs where property is more affordable while higher paid professionals including lawyers and doctors cluster in neighbourhoods close to the central business district.

The 10 Sydney suburbs where the highest numbers of police live were an average of 40 kilometres from the CBD. For both school teachers and nurses the average was 27 kilometres from the CBD.

In Matt Wade's article Shelter NSW CEO Karen Walsh highlighted how the high cost of housing had forced many services workers to locate long distances from their employment.

Follow-up radio interviews on Radio National, 2SER and 2GB, gave Shelter NSW the opportunity to also highlight the impact on lower paid workers and young people, and advocate for Inclusionary Zoning, planning reforms that encourage private and not-for-profit organisations to invest in affordable housing and increasing Government investment in social housing.