Shelter NSW and Tenants Union consultation forums on residents rights

Shelter NSW and the NSW Tenants Union want to hear from residents of supported group accommodation and their families about how their rights can be protected when supported group accommodation is transferred to non-government providers.

As the NSW Government works towards transferring supported group homes to the non-government sector, it’s important that we ensure the rights of residents are protected. In NSW the rights, protections and obligations for people living in rental accommodation are set out in the Residential Tenancies Act (2010) and the Boarding Houses Act (2012). However the legislation may not apply to supported accommodation such as group homes.

The NSW Government has commenced consultations on what a system of rights and protections for supported group accommodation should include. Shelter NSW and the NSW Tenants Union are holding consultation forums in Central Sydney and in Western Sydney, to hear from those affected by the transfer. Details of the forums are available from the letters of invitation.