Financing Housing Supply

10 March 2017

The federal government today announced the establishment of the Affordable Housing Implementation Taskforce, which will develop an affordable housing bond aggregator model for consideration by the Commonwealth and the States and Territories. The aggregator will allow a financial intermediary to attract greater private sector investment into affordable housing. This would give community housing providers access to cheaper and longer term debt, freeing up capital for the construction of new affordable housing

14 February 2017

A report in the Australian on Friday 10 February suggests that the Commonwealth is considering cutting the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA).  The NAHA provides the majority of the subsidies for public housing and funding for homelessness services.

23 January 2017

The federal government appears to be moving closer to establishing a government backed-bond vehicle to give affordable housing providers access to cheaper debt for the construction of new homes.   See article for more

19 January 2017

This update provides information on the revenue and spending of NSW Government agencies that provide housing, housing assistance, homelessness services, fund not-for-profits to do this work, or fund advocacy and advice services related to housing and homelessness.  It is drawn from their 2015-16 annual reports. Click here for the report.

17 January 2017

Shelter NSW is pleased to once again present our flagship lecture series, Housing Economics for Non-Economists.

These lectures are a critical tool for policy makers, advocates in the non-profit housing sector, and anyone one else seeking an understanding of the key economic issues shaping housing.

Each Tuesday afternoon in March, attendees will hear from prominent academics on a range of important topics. Click here for more information

6 December 2016

Shelter has launched it key asks for the 2017 NSW state budget and beyond.  The document, Imagine housing everyone, was launched at our forum, Housing affordability for Sydnry: is there hope on the horizon, held on 5 December.

22 September 2016

The legislation for the Social & Affordable Housing Fund has been intruced into State Parliement.  The legislation establishes a $1.1 billion sovereign wealth fund.  The interest from this will fund payments for housing management services by the sucessful consortia.  The consortia will use this income stream to support the debt used to develop social housing homes. 

5 September 2016

More voices are joining the call for the NSW Government to do more than just rely on increasing the supply of housing overall to tackle our housing unaffordability crisis.  Echoing the argument put at Shelter's budget submission launch seminar last year, housing provider peaks, the Committee for Sydney and prominent housing academics have sent a joint letter to the Permier & the Planing Minister calling for more active measures to tackle the problem - including inclusionary zoning, use of government land, expanding the Social & Affordable Housing Fund, and encouraging the Commonweal

18 July 2016

Shelter has now released it's detailed analysis of the housing measures in the 2016 State Budget. This follows an initial short supplement to the June Around the House

21 June 2016

21 June, 2016

Shelter welcomed the Government’s commitment of new funding to housing assistance initiatives that will help lower-income and disadvantaged households in private rental housing.

It also welcomed funding for programs to help improve education & employment outcomes for public housing residents, including children in public-housing families; and a boost to funding tohomelessness services for young people.

But Shelter is still concerned that a steady and enhanced supply of social-housing needs a capital injection through the Budget process.