6 September 2017

Shelter NSW is offering an exciting and rewarding full time role in our small, vibrant team.

5 September 2017

The peak housing advocacy body, Shelter NSW, today urged the NSW Government to adopt the key recommendations of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), released today in the final report of its Review of rent models for social and affordable housing.

“Social housing in NSW and around Australia is currently unsustainable” said Shelter CEO, Karen Walsh. 

29 March 2017


With the NSW government announcing the transfer of another 18,000 public housing properties to the community housing sector in coming years, many tenants are asking what it will mean for them and their tenure in social housing.

14 March 2017

Shelter NSW has realeased its submission responding to the draft strategic plans released by the Greater Sydney Commission in November 2016, for comment by 31 March 2017. The plans will affect land use and development plans in greater Sydney over the next 4 decades.

21 August 2017

Today we have released three new reports, Equitable Density,  (Shelter Brief 61) produced for Shelter by City Future Research Centre at UNSW.

4 July 2017

The June issue of Shelter's journal, Around the House, can now be downloaded from the web-site. This is a bumper issue of Around the House.  It includes a look at both the Commonwealth and State budgets, the IPART draft report, issues with development and redevelopment, cities and regions, Airbnb, the new 'bond aggregator' NDIS, information sessions for public tenants on community housing stock transfers..... 

15 June 2017

KarenWalsh ed2

The Shelter NSW Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Karen Walsh as the organisation’s Executive Officer.

1 June 2017

On 28 May, NSW Labor released a new policy to require at least 25% of new properties constructed on government-owned land to be affordable housing. 15% of new properties built on rezoned private land will also be 'set aside as Affordable Housing'.

22 May 2017

Rental affordability in Sydney has fallen to a record low, with the average tenant spending 29 per cent of their household income on a home, almost reaching the rental stress threshold of 30 per cent. Low income households are now almost completel;y priced out of the Sydney rental market - or are forced to go without basic necessities to keep a roof over their head.

22 May 2017

Shelter has welcomed the key findings and main recommendations of the Independent Commission on Pricing and Regulation (IPART) draft report of its inquiry into social housing rents.